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Frequently Asked Questions

In what programming language is the platform written?

We're a Rust shop, through and through. We started with Rust from the very beginning; like a growing number of our peers in the world of robotics and autonomy, we believe it's now the best language to bring the stability and speed that we need. If we need a tool that doesn't exist yet in the ecosystem, we write it ourselves. You can find many of these tools in our Open-Source Repositories.

Is your Platform just a wrapped version of OpenCV?

No, not at all. Tangram Vision's team of perception veterans have written almost all of the Tangram Vision Platform from scratch. This ensures we don't have to sacrifice any speed, robustness, scalability, efficiency, or computation to another process. This also means that if you find a mistake... it's on us! No offense to OpenCV, of course; it's great at what it does. We just have different goals.

There is a small exception: TVCal's target detector currently does use OpenCV. But that's it. Really.