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Component Overview

A component is an atomic sensing unit (for instance, a camera) that can output zero or more streams of observations. The observations that it produces inform its type.

Common Features

Every component contains some common fields. These are primarily used for identification within the Plex.

Field Type Description
UUID Uuid A universally unique identifier for the component.
Root UUID Uuid A universally unique identifier for the "root" component of the Plex.
Name String A colloquial or friendly name for the component. This does not need to be unique.

From here, components are differentiated by their observation type. See the relevant page for descriptions and API examples for each component type.

Available Types



At present, the Tangram Vision Platform only supports cameras. This won't be the case for long! We have plans for:

  • LiDAR
  • IMU
  • Depth
  • Radar

...and we're always open to learning about other sensing modalities that are important to your system.