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Build A Plex


  • Learn how to describe your system in terms of components and constraints.
  • Add components and constraints into a Plex, and write that Plex to file.


You can follow along with this tutorial using the examples from the Tangram Vision Basic repository.

The Tangram Vision Basic repository is Rust-native. The C++ and Python wrappers presented here are based on the JSON schema, which is in turn based on the Rust API!

System to Plex

A Plex is a network of components (like a camera) and constraints (a relationship between components). Plex files are currently stored in JSON format.

Let's imagine a simple system with the following makeup:

A small system

We have

  • Two components, in this case two cameras; one has a narrow FOV and one has a wide FOV
  • A fixed distance between the cameras
  • Synchronized timestamps

Let's fully describe this system using a Plex.

Systems in the Tangram Vision Platform

As a reminder, a system is a device with sensors. It could be a robot, an autonomous vehicle, or something else. Learn more in the Plex Core Concepts.