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System Detail


A system's System Detail page lets you drill down into that system's Plex, components, constraints, calibrations, and datasets. It contains both current and historic information about that system.

System Detail

Here, you can see all actions and states that this system has been associated with since its addition to the Tangram Vision Platform.

Plex Visualizer

At the top of the page is a visualization of a system's Plex in 3D space. This visualization is split into an interactive view of the Plex and an expandable list of components and constraints from the Plex. The latest Plex for the system is visualized by default.

Check out the demo below to get a feel for the Plex visualizer. Here are couple of things to try:

  • Find all of the root components in this Plex
  • Focus in on a specific component in this Plex
  • Center the visualization on a particular component

Plex History

Underneath the Plex visualizer, you'll find a table with the Plex history of this system. A Plex can be thought of as a snapshot of a system's state at a specific point in time. The Plex history is therefore a great way to see trends in your system that can assist with understanding component and system performance.

  • Click on the upload dialog to upload a new Plex for this system. You can also drag a file onto the dialog itself. A Plex must be valid JSON.
  • Click on the name of a Plex to download that Plex.
  • Click "Show" on the Plex to view it in the visualizer.

Associated Datasets

The Datasets table holds all calibration datasets associated with a system. Uploaded datasets can be used in TVCal for system calibration, as long as the system has an associated Plex.

  • Click on the upload dialog to upload a new dataset for this system. You can also drag a file onto the dialog itself. A dataset must be compressed (.zip, .tar, etc)

Create a TVCal Dataset

Learn how to create a proper dataset for TVCal in the Calibration Dataset Walkthrough


The Calibrations table shows a complete history of calibration actions run for a system. This includes both successful and failed calibration attempts.

Calibration table

  • Click the button "Start a new Calibration" to start a new calibration with TVCal. This will navigate to the system's calibration page, where you can configure the Plex, dataset, and object space files you would like to use.
  • The State field indicates the current status of the calibration if still processing, or the result if complete.
  • Click on "View Calibration Results" for any row to be taken to that run's Calibration Detail page.

Configure a Calibration

Learn how to configure and kick off a calibration in TVCal in the Plex Calibration Walkthrough