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Organization of the Hub

In the User Hub, everything is broken down by system. Most modules on the Tangram Vision Platform act on an individual system. The User Hub brings that information together from across your fleet of systems into one cohesive picture.

Common Attributes

Every system has a few common attributes:

Attribute Description
ID A universally unique identifier (UUID) for the system. No two systems can have the same UUID. This is assigned automatically on system creation.
Name A name for this system. This is assigned by a user upon system creation. It cannot be changed once it is set.

System Creation in the User Hub

Learn how to create a new system in the System Creation Walkthrough.


Every system can also be described as a Plex. In this way, a Plex can be thought of as a virtual snapshot of a system at a given moment in time. The User Hub maintains a history of Plexes for each system, making it easy to track changes to a system over time.

Completed plex

Calibrated Plexes are generated using TVCal, the Tangram Vision Platform's calibration software. Calibrations can be run through a system's unique System Detail page in the Hub.

System Calibration

Learn how to run a calibration through the User Hub in the System Calibration Walkthrough.