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Create A System


  • Create a new system in the User Hub
  • Upload a Plex which represents that system

Systems: The Key To the Hub

Learn more about the role of systems in the User Hub in the documentation.


Systems are individual robots, or autonomous vehicles, or any other device or platform that uses perception. Each system is an individual unit. Taken together, all systems in a user's account create a fleet of systems in the User Hub. All datasets and Plex files are tied to the systems that they describe. To get the most out of the Tangram Vision Platform, let's create a system.

Add a New System

First, navigate to the Systems page. You'll find the system creation input above the systems table. Type in a name for your new system and click "Create New System".

You should now see the system in the systems table. Click on it to be taken to its System Detail page.

Upload a System Plex

At this point, your new system doesn't have a Plex to describe its components. Let's fix that by uploading a vaild Plex JSON file into the Plex table below the empty visualizer:

Now, the Plex table has changed to show the newly submitted Plex for this system: the one that you just uploaded! The Plex visualizer should also show the latest Plex, as well as details on every component and constraint.

That's all there is to it! We have successfully created a new system and uploaded its first Plex. From here, we can start a calibration, or continue to add new systems and Plexes to create a fleet.