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Welcome To The Platform

The Tangram Vision Platform is intended to be a holistic perception solution. Streaming, formatting, serialization, calibration, validation... the Platform can do it all. At least, it will! The Platform is constantly evolving, so not all modules will be available immediately. This documentation will be updated as new modules and functionality are added.


Before you dive into the Platform, it's worth getting acquainted with the Plex, Tangram Vision's universal data structure for describing perception systems.


Platform Modules and Features

This is an overview of the features and capabilities currently available in the Tangram Vision Platform. Within each Platform module's section, you'll find lefthand navigation with links to additional information, including guides, tutorials, and glossaries.

User Hub

The User Hub is your one source of information on every component and every System (for instance, a robot or an autonomous vehicle) in your fleet. Here, you can start calibrations, check on trends, and download metrics that matter to you and your team.

User Hub

Calibration With TVCal

Calibration is fundamental to the operation of most perception systems. TVCal is designed around making holistic calibration easy to run, evaluate, and update through a system's lifetime. TVCal can be used to calibrate any number of sensors from any modality supported by the Platform. Only one dataset is required, making calibration with TVCal fast and simple.