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Version: 9.0

LiDAR Models

Below are all supported LiDAR intrinsics models in MetriCal. If there is a model that you use that is not listed here, just contact us! We're always looking to expand our support.

Common Parameters

When discussing LiDAR intrinsics calibration, it's usually in the context of a fixed number of beams. For instance, a Velodyne VLP-16 has 16 beams, and each of these beams could (theoretically) have its own set of intrinsics. There are a few common parameters to describe in this way:

  • Range: The range offset correction to the "standard" model for that LiDAR component for every beam
  • Azimuth: The azimuth of the LiDAR is the horizontal offset for every beam
  • Altitude: The altitude of the LiDAR is the vertical offset for every beam

No Offset

MetriCal keyword: no_offset

This is our simplest model. It assumes that the LiDAR has been calibrated, and there are no range, azimuth, or altitude offsets for any of the beams. This is the default model for all LiDARs.

Per Beam Offset (Unsupported)

MetriCal keyword: per_beam_offset


This model is currently unsupported in MetriCal; not many people need calibrated LiDARs outside of factory conditions. If you need this model, please contact us! We're always looking to expand our support.

In this model, every beam has its own range, azimuth, and altitude offsets.