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Version: 8.0

metrical pretty-print


  • Pretty print a plex or results from a calibration


metrical pretty-print [OPTIONS] <PLEX_OR_RESULTS_PATH>


Pretty Print does what it says on the tin: prints the plex or results of a calibration in a human-readable format. This is useful for debugging and for getting a quick overview of the calibration.

If an origin and secondary component are provided, then Pretty Print will extract the relevant component and constraint data between those two items. Origin will act as the origin for any constraints. This is useful for a gut-check of a calibration parameter or two.

If you need to reformat a plex into something more convenient for your application, use Shape mode instead.



The input file to read and format


-a, --origin <ORIGIN>

The origin component, if provided. Must have a secondary component option as well.

-b, --secondary <SECONDARY>

The secondary component, if provided. Must have an origin component option as well.


1. Pretty print a plex

metrical pretty-print $PLEX

2. Pretty print the constraints between two components

metrical pretty-print -a ir_one -b ir_two $PLEX

3. Pretty print the results of a calibration

metrical pretty-print $RESULTS