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Version: 8.0

metrical [OPTIONS] <COMMAND>


  • Global options and errors that apply to all MetriCal commands.


metrical [OPTIONS] <COMMAND>


Most commands in MetriCal have their own options and settings. However, there are a few common options that are applicable to all modes. These should be placed before the command name (as seen in the Usage section above).


--license <LICENSE>

The license file passed to MetriCal.

There are three ways to pass in a license key:

  • Set it via the command line argument --license
  • Set the TANGRAM_PLATFORM_LICENSE environment variable
  • Locate it in the Tangram config TOML, typically located at $HOME/.config/tangram-vision/config.toml

License keys are checked and validated in this order.

--report-path <REPORT_PATH>

MetriCal can actually write the TUI output of any command to an HTML file. The path to save the TUI output to. you can also just redirect stderr, though this will subsume the interactive output

Exit Codes

Exit CodeDescription
1Bad arguments
2Incomplete or early exit from the main process of the command
3Process was unable to write the requested output to disk
4License validation error