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The Tangram Vision Hub is where you can administer you and your team’s Tangram Vision accounts, licenses, and billing. You can create and delete licenses; add, delete, and modify group members and roles; and add and update billing.

Signing Up

Creating a Tangram Vision account is simple. You can use a Google account, a Github account, or create an account using your email.

If you choose to login using a Google account or a GitHub account, the Tangram Vision Hub will automatically associate the email address used with that account to your Tangram Vision Hub account.

Hub login/signup screen


If you wish to delete your account, please email

To log out of your Tangram Vision account, click the “exit door” icon in the upper right hand corner of the Hub (or at the bottom of the page on mobile).

Screenshot of log out button

Hub Pages

The Hub is split into separate pages to manage your personal account and licenses; your group details, members, and licenses; and your billing details.

If you're just getting started with the Hub so that you can run MetriCal, start with generating a personal license key on the Account page.


On the Account page, you can create and revoke personal license keys for MetriCal. For more info on licenses, see the Licenses documentation.

Change Password

If you’d like to add a password for an account that was created using Google or GitHub, you can do so in the “Account” section of the Hub. On this page, you can enter a password under the “Profile” section. To ensure that the password is saved, click the “Save Changes” button after you enter your desired password.

Screenshot of form to change password

If you’d like to change your password, navigate to the “Profile” section on the “Account” page within the Hub. Simply enter in a new password and click the “Save Changes” button to change your password. If you’d like, you can also change your name, here, too!


On the Group page, you can see other members of your group, invite others to join your group, and create and revoke group license keys for MetriCal. For more info on group management, see the Groups documentation. For more info on licenses, see the Licenses documentation.


On the Billing page, you can manage payment methods, manage your subscription, and update your billing contact email. For more detail, see the Billing documentation.

Submit Feedback

Got questions, comments, or suggestions for us? In the upper right hand corner on any Hub page, click on the “speech bubble” icon to send us an email!

Review Our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

You can always find our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy at the very bottom of the left hand navigation column in the Hub.